Empowering A Profession

Through this blog I have shared a few experiences of mine in reaching outside of the laboratory to work with the physicians and other healthcare professional to improve patient safety and patient care.  Yes, to do consultation at the level that I have described, and will continue to describe this blog, advanced education beyond the […]

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Take Me Out to the BAL Game!

I first want to thank everyone who voted in the poll in my last blog post.  There has been a total of 266 votes thus far, and since I love statistics and analytics like every other scientist, here are the current totals: Question: What do you think about the DCLS? 48.65%     I love […]

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Uh … Houston, we have a problem

Anyone who has spent any significant time in a medical laboratory, whether it is as a phlebotomist, lab assistant, MLT, MLS, or PhD knows there is a major problem that has been largely unrecognized by the physician community: the improper utilization of laboratory tests and … the misinterpretation of those tests.  Us in the laboratory […]

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