Still here … almost done!

I know it has been a while – OK, a long while, since I last update this blog. But let’s face it, if I had a ton of time on my hands, I wouldn’t actually be doing doctoral level work, right?

This post will be short, as I am super busy finishing up my year-long residency and all of the requirements that come with it, but I wanted to reach out to everyone and let you know that I am still here and will start posting more after graduation which is only a few short weeks away!

To briefly summarize what my experience has been like: it has been hard – very hard – yet very rewarding. I have physicians demanding that I am part of their daily rounding team as they have seen first hand the benefits of having real-time laboratory consultation. I educate clinicians, nurses, medical students, and clinical pharmacists on appropriate test utilization, appropriate test interpretation within a patient’s current clinical condition, appropriate test timing, testing interference, test reference ranges and limits of detection, and more. The response has been phenomenal!

While I know that case studies are the best way to share these experiences, alas, I do not quite have the time just yet to write them down in a shareable format for you. They are coming … you just have to be patient my young padawan DCLS jedi!

I will also try to get through the backlog of contacts and questions, but they may not be until after graduation. Until then, please know that I am still here and more posts will be coming soon.


9 thoughts on “Still here … almost done!

  1. Excellent! I am very happy for you and I am patiently awaiting more case studies and other stories from the field. Thank you very much for having this blog. It is a shining beacon in the dearth of DCLS information on the internet.

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  2. Hello Brandy! You’re doing an awesome job and everyone in our field is rooting for you!
    Have you ever considered becoming a CLIA director? My interest in CLIA directorship led me to inquire about the acceptability of the DCLS degree to sit for the ABB HCLD exam (American Board of Bioanalysts / High Complexity Lab Director). Unfortunately they told me that the only way they could determine if the DCLS degree is acceptable is to evaluate the transcripts of someone who finished the program.
    I’m not sure if you’ve looked into any of this but the possibility that the DCLS degree could qualify CLS generalists to be CLIA directors is a amazing (at least to me).
    Would you consider having your transcripts evaluated by the ABB? If they accept the degree it would (with no exaggeration) dramatically change the landscape of our profession.
    I know this is a dense message and I apologize for that. Please feel free to contact me to discuss it further. I would literally even go as far as to pay for the evaluation cost.
    Thank you so much!

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    1. Jiro – thank you for the comment. Yes, I do plan on taking the ABB HCLD exam. The transcript evaluation should not be an issue for me and I also meet the supervisory requirement as well. I think overall the supervisor requirement will be more of an issue for future DCLS graduates wishing to take the ABB HCLD exam than the transcript evaluation. I agree that being high complexity lab director qualified opens up many additional opportunities, especially in smaller hospitals that do not have pathologists on site.

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      1. Just out of curiosity have you communicated with ABB about the acceptability of the DCLS as a qualifying degree to sit for the HCLD exam ?

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